This site is a means to explore Irelands electrical generation assets across both the transmission and distribution networks.

As the electrical grid migrates to a more distributed system there is an ever growing need to keep track of the assets on the network. For system operators it is important to be aware of what types of generators are where, what is the generation share of the different types and what equipment on the network is reaching capacity.

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  • All available information on each asset can be seen by expanding on individual asset.
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  • The charts are interactive, clicking on a data segment will isolate that data, clicking again will reset that segment. Hovering the mouse over a segment will display the MEC value and percentage.
MEC (MW) by Type
MEC (MW) by County
MEC (MW) by Status

By clicking on the different sections of the interactive charts, you can isolate their particular reference data to gain insight into the current grid and how it will evolve in the coming years.

  • Wind and Gas Power the Nation Looking at the Connected assets, 45% from Natural Gas and 25% from Wind. But don't get too excited, due to winds variable nature we are running off gas much more often. (Click 'Connected' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart.)
  • Cork & Dublin are the Powerhouses Cork has 25% of the countries installed capacity, closely followed by Dublin with 20%. Kerry (12%) and Claire (11%) are the next contributors with their mix of wind, coal from Moneypoint and oil from Tarbert. (Click 'Connected' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart.)
  • Natural Gas Powers the Cities Cork (45%) and Dublin (41%) are nearly equal in their gas generation capacity, with Galway (9%) and Limerick (4%) making up the rest. (Click 'Connected' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart and 'Nat.Gas' on 'MEC (MW) by Type' chart.)
  • The Wind Blows from the West Nearly half the installed wind is from three countries Kerry (23%), Cork (15%) and Donegal (11%). Tipperary has up next with 305MW installed. (Click 'Connected' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart and 'Wind' on 'MEC (MW) by Type' chart.)
  • The Future is Green Other than one 101MW OCGT contracted for Cork, all other contracted assets are renewable generators, Wind (74%), Solar (18%), Biomass (4%). (Click 'Contracted' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart.)
  • The Future is Distributed Distributed assets make up only 12% of connected capacity, yet accounts for 47% of contracted. The distributed generation is set to double in the coming years, growing from 1180MW to 1424MW. (Click 'Contracted' on the 'MEC (MW) by Status' chart.)

The infrastructure of wires and cables around Ireland is divided into the distribution network and the transmission network. Traditionally, the transmission network sends electricity from generating stations to main nodes in the country. The electricity passes into the distribution network at these nodes. The distribution network then sends electricity supply to customers' premises. As more and more smaller generators are connected to the grid (i.e. home PV, single wind turbines etc.), the distribution network is moving away from purely delivering energy from transmission nodes to the consumer and beginning to feed energy back into the grid.

EirGrid is the acting TSO (Transmission System Operator) responsible for operating and planning the development of the transmission system. ESB Networks is the acting DSO (Distribution System Operator) responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the electricity distribution network in Ireland. It is also responsible for maintaining and developing the transmission network.

The data shown on this site is a combination of publicly available data released by ESB Networks and Eirgrid, as well as additional data included for a more functional uses of the site.

As some data has been included that is not official data from the system operators, the data on this site should only be used for reference purposes.

  • MEC: Maximum Export Capacity, the maximum rated power the asset can export into the grid.
  • Connected: Generator energized and permitted to export.
  • Contracted: Generators that have signed a connection agreement with the System Operator and are committed to exporting MW's to the distribution and/or transmission system at a future date.
  • Energized: Generators with electrical connection to the network which are NOT permitted to export.
  • DSO: Distribution System Operator.
  • TSO: Transmission System Operator.
  • CHP: Combined Heat and Power.
  • DO: Distillate Oil
  • HFO: Heavy Fuel Oil
  • LFG: Land Fill Gas
  • OCGT: Open Cycle Gas Turbines